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Closed adoption, not to be confused with sealed records, is an adoption in which the adopting parents and the placing parents never meet and know nothing or very little about one another. With the advent of open adoption, closed adoptions have become the exception in domestic adoption rather than the rule. Most international adoptions are considered closed adoptions, though it is not uncommon for adopting parents to have some very basic information about the birth parents such as medical history, ethnicity and cultural information. Although things have started to change over the course of the last few years, children adopted from the foster care system are generally involved in closed adoptions.

The term closed adoption is most often used in relation to post-adoption contact, whereas the term sealed records is related to the access of legal documentation surrounding the birth and placement of the adopted child once the adoption has become final. It is entirely possible to have a closed adoption and unsealed records or an open adoption with sealed records. The two practices are not mutually exclusive.

In closed adoption, the adoption professionals involved will usually choose the adopting parents for the child. This is generally true regardless of whether the adoption is domestic, foster care or international. Also, depending on the state you live in and the associated laws, post-adoption contact agreements may or may not be legally binding, regardless of whether the adoption is open or closed. It is important when researching adoption, as either an expectant parent considering placement or a potential adoptive parent considering adoption, that you become familiar with the laws and statutes of your state or the state in which the child will be born. This research will help you know what to expect regarding the process itself.

It is important to remember that having a closed adoption does not guarantee that once a child reaches the age of majority in your state he or she will not seek out and reunite with their biological families or that the biological family will not seek and reunite with the child that was placed. The closed or open adoption agreements made between the parties of an adoption at the time of the child's birth only stay in force until the child reaches the legal age in which he or she can make decisions for him or herself.

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BARBARA CAMERON - 4 years ago
0 1 4
Looking for my son who I put up for adoption in July 1995 in Jacksonville, Florida, only part of his name is know Ian Jackson, last name unknown, adopted by Christopher and Allison of Washington, pls call xxxxx #1
Lauren - 3 years ago
0 1 0
Looking for my birth mom, I was born 1st September 1998 in North West Texas Hospital. My moms name is Crystal thats all i know pretty much. my moms name now is Davina and my dads is Jonathan. I was adopted through Gladney Centre and adopted out on the 10 September. Email xxxx if you know anything. Thank you :) I want to find you! #2
Rosa Rodriguez - 3 years ago
0 1 0
My kids was adopted I been searching for them there names are Marisol Suazo born 7/12/1995 Damien Longmore my son born 12/4/1998 please help me my contact is (Facebook, Rosa Rodriguez )my name befor. Was Rosa Suazo now am married.. #3
Toni Reaves - 3 years ago
0 1 0
Looking for birth mother her name is Janice Pridgen she had a son and daughter both given up for adoption. Janice Pridgen had a baby boy named Irving on May 13 1967 in Harlem Hospital. The girls name was Lucinda. Please email xxxx if you have any information on Janice's where abouts. #4
Rosa Rodriguez - 3 years ago
0 1 0
Rosa Rodriguez am looking for my daughter Marisol Suazo she was born 7/12/1995 my son Damien Longmore he was born 12/4/1998 they both was adopted by Norma Alonson #5
dawna - 3 years ago
0 1 0
looking for my Sister, she was put up for adoption in 58 or 59 in San Bernardino california area, my moms name is Glenda Sheppard, if this you or you know this person, please contact me id like to know you. #6
Guest - 4 years ago
0 2 1
I'm writing this on behalf of my husband he was born on May 18, 1989 and we have been talking about looking for closure on why he was put up for adoption he was born in Sidney N.Y. And I would like for the family to email me to let me know what happen . The only thing he knows his name at birth was Michael that's all he knows. #7
melynda porter - 3 years ago
0 1 0
Looking for my son. He was born 1/18/93. At in Jackson Mississippi. Adoption ministry w/verna Gallagher. We met ayear later at McDonald's,where u got to meet your sister. I love u, always have. Look forward to the day we meet again.xoxoxo #8
Debbie - 3 years ago
0 1 0
Searching for my daughter born July 8, 1975 in Ft. worth, Texas. Adoption took place thru the Edna Gladney Center. #9
patricia dunning boomhower - 3 years ago
0 1 0
looking for my birth parrents, borne in gleansfalls ny 1956 birth name given sharmane, i have no birth parints name, would like to find them or any brothers or sisters thay might have had, email xxxx with info. #10
Tyler Ellenberger - 3 years ago
0 1 0
I'm looking for my birth mom , I was born in st Mary'/s hostpitsl 8/6/99. If you have any information please contact me on Facebook my name is Tyler Ellenberger, thank you #11
William frissell - 4 years ago
0 1 0
Looking for my grandparents or other dad was adopted 1960 spokane sacred heart to an Italian family that had 4-6 kids and couldn't afford another Dr Bush was the Dr. Frissell was the adtoptive parents that took him when he was 3 days old! Please if u see this we love you and we are not mad at any of u! #12
Aron - 3 years ago
0 1 0
I am looking for my sister. She was born in Feb. 1978 in Washington/Peoria Illinois. I know the names of both birth parents. I believe it was a closed adoption? #13
Sympathy - 4 years ago
0 1 1
My heart goes out to Barbara and MiMi... continue to pray and hopefully you will get to the end of your journey. #14
None - 4 years ago
0 5 3
You shouldn't have givin them up, how selfish of you to intrude and dissrespect the people who are his parents. #15
Guest - 4 years ago
0 1 0
looking for my son..I didn't give him up ...they change his name he was born on May 24 1991 at Lincoln Hospital ..the agency name was Cardinal Mcclosey Children at 149 st 3 ave then...I can into recovery 1993 to try to get him back and he was adopt...I have 21 years clean and my son is looking for his brother...everyone kept telling I could never see him again....please help.. #16
missing family - 3 years ago
0 1 0
Looking for half sister age 10-12 born near Salem, MO. Closed adoption. You have a sister who is much older, #17
Lauren - 4 years ago
0 0 0
I was adopted @ 22month old in Wales caefilly my name was kylie Marie Jones #18
0 1 0
I am looking for my birth parent(s). I (girl) was born AUGUST 18, 1973 Kings County Hospital in NY. New York is a closed adoption State, very difficult to get any information. #19
Alison Bell - 4 years ago
0 0 0
Looking for my birth parents. AA female 24. I was born in New york( mt. Saini hospital) June 16, 1989 and just found out once my adoptive parents have passed that I was in fact adopted. #20

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